Meowijuana® Set to Release Three Unique Cat Toys at SuperZoo Pet Expo

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Meowijuana®, A Natural Catnip Company, Introduces New Additions to Their Fun, Healthy and Unique Line of Cat Toys

Meowijuana®, A Natural Catnip Company, is pleased to introduce several new items to its natural catnip line at the 2019 SuperZoo Pet Expo. All new items will be displayed at booth #911 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, August 20-22.

Meowijuana®, the company, is introducing three new refillable cat toys to its existing line of fun and innovative cat toys. New toys include the “Get Lit Birthday Cake” the “Get High as a Kite” with a wand and the “Get Blitzed Reindeer.” All are refillable and come with a tube of premium Meowijuana® catnip.

Meowijuana® is also adding to its line of premium-quality natural catnip oil with a new 3 oz. spray size and a new convenient PDQ display for retailers. “Oils are also a great way to refresh our toys,” adds Scott Ragan, Meowijuana’s Chief Cat Lover.

"We feel like the cat's day has finally arrived and we are excited to launch these new Meowijuana® cat toys during this year's show. We offer retailers and cat lovers great new, natural items to enhance playtime and a healthy, active pet lifestyle," said founder Chris Glissman. “Cats love our toys. No longer are the days of the same old boring toys for your cat. Meowijuana® ensures your cats the Pawty of Nine Lifetimes® with our products.”

The new catnip blends and toys, in addition to the entire Meowijuana® line, offer natural, premium catnip grown and processed in the United States and Canada. Meowijuana® products do not contain CBD, marijuana or any THC. SmarterPaw, its parent company, and Meowijuana® are based in Lenexa, Kansas.

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About Meowijuana® 

Founded in 2015, Meowijuana® is an award-winning innovator in the pet space and is a leading pack member for cats. Meowijuana® delights pets as well as their parents and delivers strong sell-through with highly creative, high-quality, fun products with amazing social media coverage.

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